Tips to maintain a healthy work-life balance

These days, it is difficult to achieve work-life balance. Office work, technology have made employees be accessible to every request around the clock. Fear of loss of job, incentive, etc. forces employees to stay glued to the screen for hours to reply to emails on time, etc. In India, for instance, on an average, employees work more than 52 hours a day – which is more than the global average. And experts agree – there is a compounding stress from the never ending work hours and the same is very damaging to overall health and peace. But, it is important to achieve the work-life balance in life; know how:

Learn to Unplug: technology has made our lives easier in so many ways. But at the same time, it has created expectations of constant accessibility. The work day never seems to cease. Also, there are times when you feel like you should just turn off your phone and enjoy the moment. One advise here would be to not to constantly check for updates. Turn notifications off if you are a movie or at your kid’s function. Turn it off and don’t carry your mobile if you have gone for that much needed weekend trip. By not reacting to such constant updates, you will develop a resilient habit which will eventually help you de-stress.

Work-out: There is not a better de-stress option than to work out. You eat, you work, you sleep, you drive and the mundane cycle doesn’t stop. So, what do you do to make naturally reduce stress from your life. Exercise has proven to be a natural stress buster as it pumps endorphins through your body. It also helps lift your mood. If you can spend half an hour glued to your mobile screen, then you can surely take 30 minutes out to simply go for a run to live a healthier, stress free life.

Limit time wasting activities: Prioritise what is important in your life. The list will be different from people to people. Next, draw boundaries so that you can devote your time as per your priorities in life. If socialising with relatives is further down your priority list and if going on a weekend trip once a month tops your list, then work around it to make it happen. This may mean turning off your email notifications, or putting off a few people, but when it comes to personal care, nothing else matters.

So, the best way is not to try to do it all at once. For instance, jobs in Delhi can be very demanding for professionals and so are many jobs in Mumbai or Bangalore. But if you work in Delhi, then you can get on that Himachal bus and travel to Dehradun or McLeodganj for a weekend. If you are in Bangalore, you can go to Pondicherry to de-stress and unplug and travel Goa and sit at a beach if you live in Mumbai. So, count your priorities and work around them to achieve the work life balance.