Tips on How to Make a Charity

Around the world, there are special days to give and rejoice. For example, the 2nd of December celebrates the act of “Giving”. It is an interesting day when everyone is encouraged to make donations to a charitable organization. It kicks off the season of giving.

Nicholas Kristof speaks about making wise donations in his “A Path Appears: Transforming Lives and Creating Opportunity”. Helping people is not easy. It is much harder than what it appears like. Very few people make intelligent donations. Frankly, charity is not effective all the time. If you wish to make an impact, you must follow expert advice. There are many forums and books on how to make effective charities. Researchers have come up with many strategies and approaches on how to measure charities and its impact. If you are able to harness these studies, you will know how to make confident and impactful donations.

#1 The Impact

Before you make a charitable donation, you must measure the overall impact. The internet will help you evaluate the impact of every donation you make. There are waves of organizations and social entrepreneurs to bridge the gap between beneficiaries and the donators. For example, “Bead for Life” in the United States bridges the gap between donors and charities. Few other bridges would be “Givology”, “GlobalGiving” and “Kiva”. For renowned charities that can make a difference in someone’s life, visit

#2 Attractive Issues?

To feel satisfied after a donation, you must identify issues that attract you. Try to research on these issues. If you are hunting for a specific organization or a cause, you must gather ideas from sites like “Focusing Philanthropy” and “GiveWell”. There are many sites with suggestions on how to donate effectively. Likewise, you must cite charities in Facebook and Twitter. The moment you find a purpose, you should check for charities and its ratings. Try to read as many critics and reviews as possible. Treat the donation seriously. Consider it as an investment you are about to make.

#3 Narrow Choices

You don’t have to give to everyone! Always narrow down your options. This will make you an efficient donator. According to experts, it is wiser to donate to 5 or 10 organizations and not 100s! When you narrow your options, your money and time will travel further. Visit, for more details on how to narrow your choices.

#4 The Charity

Never make a donation without “verifiable impact”. Try to answer the following questions:

  • How many individuals will benefit from your charity?
  • What is your metric for measuring success?
  • How old is the charitable organization?
  • Does the charity have positive reviews and critiques?

#5 Volunteering

Charity doesn’t stop with money. You can get involved and volunteer too! Focus on your passions and skills. Look through websites like Omprakash and Idealist for volunteering opportunities. There are many organizations working on critical social needs. Try to help such organizations. MovingWorlds, Catchafire and VolunteerMatch are famous websites that connect experts and donors with unique skills.

Your donation must have a transformative impact! For example, a donation worth 25 USD at supports loan groups and villages. Indeed, these are charities you must make! To know more on where you can make a difference, visit