Private School vs Home School as Alternatives to Public Education

These days, many parents are trying to find alternatives to the public education systems in their region. The two main alternatives are private school and home-schooling. Each option provides its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

If you want the best for your child, it makes sense to explore your options. Before choosing the educational path for your student, compare the benefits of private school and home-schooling.

Reasons to Consider Private School

The best private schools can offer your child a quality education. There are also schools built specifically for different belief systems and philosophies. For example, you may prefer to send your child to a Christian, Catholic, or Muslim private school.

Private kindergarten school in Bangkok also offer access to many different extracurricular activities, including sports. It is hard to offer these same activities from your home.

Along with access to sports, private schools provide children with access to useful technology and learning resources. For example, a quality private school may be equipped with computers in every classroom.

The main drawback of a private school is the cost. Parents pay a premium price to enrol their children in private school. Some of the most-costly boarding schools charge $50,000 per year for your child’s education. However, many of these schools also offer financial aid to families that require assistance.

Reasons to Consider Home-schooling

With home-schooling, parents can choose the curriculum. This gives parents the option to choose what their children learn. You can tailor their education based on their interests, which may help children that tend to lack focus or concentration.

Home-schooling is also a convenient option, as children do not need to travel to school each day. Your child can also receive individualized attention that they will not get from a private school.

The biggest disadvantage of home-schooling is that your child may not have the opportunity to establish close social connections with other children. When your child attends school, they spend a large part of their day with students their own age. This is the best way for children to develop their communication and social skills.

If your child does not have the opportunity to regularly play with children their own age, you may want to consider private school, especially during the crucial early years. Enrolling your child in a kindergarten school ensures that he or she gets to play and learn with peers.

Which Schooling Option Should You Choose?

Private schools and home-schooling can appeal to parents and children for different reasons. A private school may offer an advanced education with access to a variety of extracurricular activities. However, private school is also costly.

Home-schooling gives parents more control over their child’s education. They can ensure that their child is learning the skills that they believe are necessary to succeed as an adult. The drawback is that home-schooling can limit social interaction with other children.

Compare these pros and cons before you make your choice. You may also want to discuss these options with your child. While the decision is up to you, your child may not be happy with your choice if they are not allowed to express their feelings.