7 Tips on Managing Your Final Year Engineering Studies and Gate Preparation

The final year of the B.Tech degree is understandably stressful and taxing on any student. With the added pressure of internships and projects along with examinations, the pressure takes on a different characteristic. However, most students also take up the preparation for the GATE examination in their final semester to appear for the exam in the following year. The Graduation Aptitude Test in Engineering is held in the first week of February every year, and preparing for this highly competitive exam can be a tricky affair.

The GATE exam serves as a common entrance to post graduation courses and students are left with no choice but to juggle the preparation of their final examinations with their GATE preparation to prevent the loss of a year in between. A good GATE score opens up many avenues for future career options, which makes it a mandatory option for any sincere student. Besides, a qualifying GATE score continues to be relevant throughout the career of any individual, adding credibility to his or her academic qualifications.

Managing final year engineering studies and GATE preparations in one year can be difficult for anyone taking on such an endeavour. Here are few tips to manage both preparations simultaneously, in a systematic manner:

  1. Make use of the head start

The interim period between two semesters is usually a time of less academic pressure. With the application to appear for the GATE exam, however, starting the preparation during this interim period is what will give you a much needed head start into what is bound to be an arduous year of study. The initial months of the semester will have less assignments and projects, allowing you ample time to commence the GATE preparations. Use this time to familiarise yourself with the syllabus and come up with a meticulous plan for the rest of the year to complete a through preparation of both the courses you are studying for.

  1. Prioritize GATE preparations in the initial period

The initial months of any semester are usually days of languorous inactivity in the life of any engineering student. However, that is a luxury that cannot be arranged for with the GATE exams right around the corner. Make sure to prioritize the GATE preparations in the first few weeks of the semester as opposed to the engineering course study. This will go a long way in ensuring that you complete York syllabus before the exam.

  1. Synchronize the syllabi of each course

The GATE exam is an aptitude test for graduate students in engineering, which ensures that you will have certain topics in common in the two syllabi. Make sure that when you tackle a topic which is common to both courses, you take on both approaches to cover it from both perspectives. This basically means that you are covering both preparations in one shot, and will go a long way in preparing your for both courses simultaneously.

  1. College finals require due importance

While the GATE scores are important for your future, do not forget that the college finals need due importance as well. Make sure to study properly for college finals. In the weeks preceding the final examinations, prioritize your engineering course to be prepared and score well in your bachelor’s degree.

  1. Stay in touch with both

One handy tip to effectively manage both preparations is not to completely give up on one while prioritizing the other. While each preparation may require more attention at a given period of time, it is essential that you do not completely lose touch with the other course. Make sure to devote a certain number of hours a week to GATE preparations even before the college finals. Losing touch can be detrimental to exam preparations.

  1. Managing time

It is imperative that you come up with a time table of study, and more importantly, follow it to the best of your abilities. Time management is going to be the key factor that will contribute to your dual preparation process. Slacking on the schedule is no longer an option this year, for you have too much to study and there is never enough time. Time management is also necessary in making sure that you don’t lose touch with one course while focusing on the other. It is a delicate balance that can be achieved through a strong sense of discipline.

  1. Determination and dedication

Preparing for two major courses in a limited time period can be difficult if not outright impossible. Determination and a positive approach is extremely essential to such a journey. Dedication to the academic pursuit undertaken is also extremely essential. Determination and dedication, underlined with a strong sense of discipline in the final year of engineering will make sure that you are where you need to be in order to dictate the terms of your life in future.

Preparing for the final semester of Engineering while simultaneously having to prepare yourself for the GATE exam is not an impossible task. It may be difficult, but following these tips can help you tackle both in a convenient and easy manner, paving the way for success in both courses.