Why not learn more about Prophecies?

Understanding Bible Prophecy A lot of Christians at present do not read Bible prophecy due to the entire prophetic symbols found therein. But then, the Lord had permitted it to be contained therein because Bible prophecy is supposed to be understood. The purpose of Bible prophecy is not to mystify, but to MAKE KNOWN! Just as it is confirmed in the start of the book of Revelation. It presents to us a “revelation of Christ”. Thus, since Bible prophecy is to reveal, God did not write it in a manner that none of us could grasp its meaning. Bible prophecy is also not open to individual interpretation because the Bible says, specifically in 2 Peter 1:20, that no prophecy comes from someone’s own interpretation. How then are we supposed to interpret the prophecies found in the Bible? What’s the best means to understand what every prophetic symbol means? Now then, we make use of the Bible to reveal itself, and by this it means that when we come upon a certain word that does not seem to make sense then we search for that word elsewhere inside the Bible to discover its meaning. Here is an example. Revelation 13 tells of 2 beasts. One rises up under the sea, the other one emerges up out of the ground. Now, reading this chapter by itself, it is likely that you will find it rather hard, practically not possible to recognize what is being revealed. However, if we follow the rule of using the Bible for its own interpretation, then we are very likely to find a little understanding about this. We, therefore, need to uncover what a “beast’ represents in this Bible prophecy. If we read Daniel 7, we uncover a verse which says, ‘The fourth beast shall be a fourth kingdom upon the earth”. And lo, there it is! The beast in the prophecy of the Bible represents a kingdom or nation. Thus, we already know that by the two beasts, Revelation 13 is telling us a Bible prophecy concerning two nations here on earth.
A Simple Plan For Investigating Prayers
Also, we need to apply logic when it concerns Bible interpretation, thus if we take a look at the next beast, Revelation 13 says it grows up out of the ground, and not the sea. Therefore if “sea” signifies a region of many population, nations and languages, similar to Europe, the use of logic will lead us to deduce that by “earth” it means the opposite, which is a nation that emerged out of a wilderness, an area that was not populated, which resembles how America came about.
Figuring Out Prayers
Now you see that using the Bible for its own interpretation will open up the prophecy and reveal great things to us. But let us remember that the absolute supply of wisdom comes from God and we have to learn with a meek prayerful spirit as well pray to God to make these things known to us.