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Marketing with Branded Flash Drives Many businesses are looking for a fresh, new way to promote their brand. Though most business owners already know this fact, it can be hard for them to put it into practice. It is important that you do not spend time or money without getting a solid return on your investment. This article will give you a tip on a new strategy that has been proven to work. You probably already know that customers love free stuff. But a lot of businesses think that this strategy is too overused. The truth is that giving away free branded items is still effective, but there is a catch. If you want to use this powerful strategy, you need to be tailored and specific in your approach. While somethings will always be appreciated by customers, like branded pens, for example, other items are more trash than treasure. So, what should you give customers? Since customers are no longer impressed by the old items, what is best to give to them? When customers do not value the free items, not only will you not get any new clients, but you will have wasted a significant sum of money. If you wouldn’t wear a baseball cap with your company’s logo, your customers probably would not either.
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One promotional trend that sees a lot of success is custom flash drives. While many professionals already have one, they will certainly be grateful to your company whenever they need a backup. By spending some time getting to know your target market, or even changing your target market if necessary, you can figure out an item that they will use and cherish on a regular basis. While giving out custom flash drives is a great idea in many cases, there are a couple of things you need to think about. First of all, quality is very important. Customers will not trust your brand if you give them an item that breaks or does not function properly. The memory size of the USB is also important. Not only does a too-small USB drive make your company look cheap, it is of little value to your customers. If no one uses the freebie, you have wasted your money.
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If you really want to impress customers, though, you need to be more creative. Custom shaped USBs can be highly effective at raising brand awareness and bringing in more customers. You can make the USB into your logo, for example. Your ultimate goal is to create something that customers will not only use, but show to their friends as well.