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Some Basic Information about US Immigration Services This agency is also in the position to help those who would like to get a green card. Immigrants can avail of the services offered by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. The United States CIS has the responsibility to offer a wide range of services that will assist people in the application process, or if they file complaints in the process of their application of being immigrants. USCIS are offering these services for many reasons. To keep things in order and organized are the goals of USCIS. Through this service agency, acquiring green card through marriages, or acquiring green cards through adoption, other petitions dealing with immigration, or getting a green card for working purposes, are offered to potential immigrants or applicants. Applications are verified in terms of eligibility, and checking of information, are done by these services.
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The USCIS recognizes that dream and goal of an individual in the desire of being an immigrant to the United States and this is why these services are very important to begin with. It is for this acknowledgement of the desire of a person that these services will work hard to give importance to the person’s application.
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Another objective of the services is to regulate all the rules and regulations that would pass through their office. People working in these immigration services have the values, integrity, ingenuity, vigilance and more. The people in these services have the duty to keep confidential information and create a good representation of the agency. These services also offer help to those citizens coming into the United States on how to fill up the application if they do not know or cannot read English that well. These services will also come in helping these citizens find work, schools, and others. If immigrants have questions, it is the responsibility of the services to find these information and give to the immigrants. The bottom line is that these services are there to assist people, while obeying and implementing the laws and regulations. Protecting and working hard to help these people are the main objectives of the creation of these services. Those people who need assistance in filling up paperwork, in finding immigration lawyer, in finding a place to live, or work or school and more, are the obligations of these services. There are young people who would like to go to school in the United States, and in this case, they are responsible in finding the schools they like and it is up to the school if they accept immigrants.