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Motives for Protecting Wildlife Wildlife species are one of the countless wonders of the world. These species include Lions, bears, cheetahs, wildebeests amongst others. A lot of us think that we have an inexhaustible variety of wildlife, but the fact remains these numbers are dwindling by the day. There are lots of factors which are leading to the decline in numbers of wildlife species. We have become highly industrialized, and as a result, the rates of pollution have increased which has affected the animals, and many of them are dying due to air, soil and water pollution. The population continues to grow annually, and it has resulted in encroachment of land that was formerly wilderness to ensure that people get land to settle and build houses. We see that animals are becoming endangered and we must protect them so as to keep the balance in our ecosystems as well as in nature. Thankfully, there have already been several measures which have been taken to make sure the protection of the wildlife species as well as the wilderness. The conservation programs have already been put in place to ensure wildlife are well taken care of that that they may continue to survive and maintain the diversity in the ecosystem. Below, we are going to talk about the essential reasons why it’s vital to do this that and why we should have measures set up to protect wildlife. For an ecosystem to remain healthy and function properly, it should have biodiversity. If wildlife were to become extinct that critical balance in the ecosystem would be lost. Wildlife are vital to the food chain. They are a source of food for both humans and other animals. Disrupting the food chain through loss of wildlife species would be detrimental to all other members of the food chain. Because of this, it’s essential to keep biodiversity through conservation of wildlife.
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Wildlife are of great worth to the human race. Wildlife keep the atmosphere clean and filter it, they’re a supply of food for us and their habitat is excellent for lots of the recreational facilities that people adore. Their habitats supply grounds for canoeing, trekking, hunting, fishing and even camping. Animals also produce chemicals that we can use to make medicines. Medications to treat ailments including heart illnesses, ailments as well as other conditions are derived from animals and animal products. Venom from a number of the wildlife can be used to treat ailments for example Melanoma.
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Another reason to protect wildlife species is that it helps in the conservation of their natural habitats. We ensure that our planet stays rich and lovely when we conserve wildlife habitats. The protection of wildlife additionally helps to ensure the watersheds stay intact ensuring that we have water that is fresh and clean.