Outdoor gazebos can boost the ability of teachers

Do you want to increase your learners’ motivation, improve confidence and enjoy healthy and active learning? If you answered yes, then you need to take your lessons outside to the outdoor classroom where learning is fun.

Outdoor classes are a great way to reinvigorate the way you teach and to bring new creativity to your lessons. And though you can use anywhere in the great outdoors for your classes, there are some real benefits from having a proper structure to use as an outdoor classroom.

So once you’ve bought your gazebo from a trusted suppliers likecabincostructures, see the link http://cabincostructures.co.uk/outdoor-classrooms/4m-square-gazebo/, you’ll be in a position to find out just how much fun you can have when you start teaching outdoors. From poetry writing to daisy counting, an outdoor classroom is ideal for multi-disciplinary studies and to really bring learning to life.

Make Language Come Alive

Not only can you let the outdoors be your inspiration for creative writing, but students can come directly into contact with interesting and inspirational objects. Encourage the development of language skills by using a simile to ask ‘why is a flower like a tree?’ Pupils can also illustrate their work, sketching directly from nature and observing the interplay of light and shade and texture.

Raise Environmental Awareness

One of the great pleasures of outdoor education is introducing pupils who might not otherwise have much interaction with nature to the great outdoors. It’s an ideal opportunity to build a bird house or organise a clean-up campaign around the school, plant seeds for the school garden or even map a nature trail around school grounds or in nearby countryside. You’ll create a sense of cooperation, community and connection that you rarely see in an indoor classroom. And experiential learners will really love being able to get hands-on with nature.

Develop Some Positive Memories

Creating positive memories is a great way to retain information, making the outdoor gazebo classroom a great place to learn. So make your outdoor classes fun by using the natural resources around you – for example, you could hunt and chart mini-beasts or try some multiplication with leaves. Start a composting project and then plant a butterfly garden or set up and man a weather station – you can always invest in an all-weather cover so you can study in the rain while staying dry. The more fun your learners have, the more they’ll create and retain memories and knowledge.

Tune into the World Around You

The University of Salford is developing a map of ambient sounds around the world, so it’s the ideal way to put your pupils’ smartphones to good use. Pupils simply record a short clip and then upload it to the website with their thoughts and opinions about the sounds around them – whether they’re birds singing or rumbling lorries. Does the outdoor gazebo classroom change the vibe? Those same smartphones can be used to record events in the natural world either in stills or video which could be uploaded to the school’s website as a snapshot of one hour in the life of your school from a different perspective.

Why Having Fun Is Serious

While the classroom has always been perceived as the place where serious learning happens, the outdoor classroom is a place where fun, collaboration and imagination are central to the learning process. In fact, 90% of schools think outdoor learning is central to delivering the curriculum. So why not invest in a beautiful gazebo and engage with some fun and fabulous outdoor learning?