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Defamation Law in the United States

In the United States and in many parts around the world, defamation is considered as a statement or material that is shared via the internet or an electronic device with the intent of damaging a person’s reputation or that of a company. A huge percentage of the households in America have access to the internet. This means a defamatory statement would reach many people in present times. If false statements have been made about your business on the internet, you might want to consider seeking compensation for the damages made, profits lost, and a destroyed image.

Defamation includes cyber harassment, slander, and libel. Cyber harassment is where the internet is used as a medium for harassment, control, and manipulation. When derogatory statements are made in written form, it is referred to as libel. Slander is whereby these statements are made through word of mouth.

While the United States constitution stands for the fundamental right of expression and freedom of speech, this doesn’t mean that defamation is to be tolerated. The rise in defamation cases has led many people to question the freedom of speech. Many are afraid that the lawsuits would make people afraid to express their feelings freely.
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Concerns led to the courts to discuss the fine margin that exists between defamation and free speech. The conclusion highlighted that for a statement to be considered as online defamation, there must be sufficient evidence to prove that it was intended to harm. It is, therefore, not possible to sue someone for saying the truth no matter how much it hurts. This has helped protect free speech while dealing with defamation in the right way.
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In the commercial environment, competitors have been known to spread false information to destroy the financial health of their competitors. Defamation law in the United States now makes it easier for the affected companies to clear their names and image. Those responsible for the defamation will be charged according to the law.

A defamation statement posted on the internet sparks out negativity to the defamed person or company. Companies have lost clients and profits due to defamation. With the penetration of the internet increasing fast across the world, a defamatory statement made by one person can end up destroying the reputation of a global business. It is, therefore, important to seek the help of a defamation attorney before your hard-earned reputation is destroyed by a malicious individual. Make sure to select a competent attorney for such a tough case.