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Basic Information about Cold Brew Coffee and How to Prepare It Nobody will argue that coffee is one of the very famous drinks that is invigorating in the morning, noon, evening and even any time of the day. Coffee drinkers today are enticed with several formulation of coffee flavours, and lately, there is a new type of coffee that is being introduced called the cold brew coffee. You would see this kind of coffee being sold in coffee shops, in the grocery stores, farmer’s market and other congested customer areas. For sure, there are questions in your mind about what is this coffee all about and what makes it different from the regular iced coffee. Putting coffee through a hot-drip machine or an espresso machine is the usual way of making coffee. The grounds are never heated up in the process of cold brew coffee because of its 12-24 hours procedure. You may know that the acids in coffee beans are released only by heat, making espresso more bitter than hot-drip coffee which is made with the use of hot water and in a fast way. The cold brew coffee is more stable after being brewed that makes its taste delicious and fresh. Hot drip-coffee tastes bitter compared to the cold brew coffee that has 2/3 less of acid. It is for this reason that consumers appreciate the less bitter taste of the cold brew coffee. This taste condition would allow the drinker to appreciate the actual coffee bean instead of tasting just the bitterness of the coffee because of the acidity.
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For some people who do not usually like to drink coffee, will find cold brew coffee more tasty because it does not taste so much bitterness. While when drinking regular coffee you have the tendency to put more sugar, in cold brew coffee, it has a natural hint of sweetness and lack of bitterness that will prevent you from adding more sugar into your coffee. Others do not experience stomach trouble because of the low content of acidity in the cold brew coffee.
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Because you can buy pre-brewed coffee in any grocery stores, consumers find it convenient to buy and consume cold brew coffee. In the morning, you do not have to brew anything if you have this ready pack because it is ready to go, even when you are travelling or even at the office. Your morning or afternoon coffees can make you feel more warm especially during summer time. In this case, a great alternative for you is to get an iced coffee. The materials in making cold brew coffee is not complicated and inexpensive to buy. The very important ingredient of cold brew coffee is the coffee ground that you can buy from your favourite brand or have grounded. In making cold brew coffee, have ready your two large non-reactive containers, strainer, cheesecloth, plastic wrap, and plenty of water.