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Who is the Right Candidate for Lasik Eye Surgery?

Lasik surgery refers to a corrective surgical procedure that helps some of the people who wear contact lenses and glasses improve their vision. It may help people with mild to moderate vision problems get normal vision. Those with serious eyesight problems may sometimes see considerable improvement but they may need to carry on wearing glasses.

Lasik eye surgery is considered safe as long as it’s done by a qualified and experienced surgeon. However, not everybody with eyesight problems is a good candidate for Lasik surgery.

So, who is the perfect candidate for Lasik eye surgery?
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Who should consider taking Lasik surgery? Here is a brief summary of the things your doctor may consider before allowing you to undergo this surgical procedure. You’ll need a consultation as well as an examination to find out whether this surgery is ideal for your condition.
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You should be 18 and over. As the eyes change throughout teenage years, your surgeon will seek to ensure that they’re not changing or growing prior to performing the procedure.

Your sight must have been good in the past one year. This means it hasn’t reduced or increased considerably over the past year. If your vision is changing, this could be a sign of an unstable condition that won’t respond to Lasik surgery.

Your health needs to stable enough for this sort of surgical procedure, which means you should be free of any major medical conditions. You shouldn’t be pregnant as well. Those with other eye problems or a history of cornea problems may not be fit for this surgery.

You need to be realistic in terms of your expectations about what needs to be improved as well as why you need Lasik surgery. Most of the time, this means the surgery should significantly benefit you. Those who don’t like wearing contact lenses because of the discomfort or athletes may be perfect candidates.

These are several more benefits of having Lasik eye surgery. Some people may want to stop paying for contact lenses and prescription glasses. In other instances, people want to improve their sight so they can do well in sports or work. For example, some seek this procedure so as to enhance their looks.

If you are considering Lasik surgery, your first step should be to contact a surgeon that focuses on this form of laser surgery. Then talk with them about your suitability for the procedure as well as expectations from the surgery. Will the procedure benefit you? Your surgeon will tell you if you’ve got any limitations and also tell you what sort of improvement to expect should you go through this procedure. While everyone’s needs are different, most people with sight problems can alleviate them with this surgery.