Could Stubby Holders Be the Perfect Promotional Item?

Everyone enjoys getting free promotional items, but not all of these gifts are equally beloved. While pencils, key chains and custom wrist bands all have their places, many end up in drawers and are forgotten. As a result, many companies now hand out branded Stubby holders. The small, light and usually brightly-colored beverage insulators are customer favorites. They are easily customized, long lasting and useful.

The Principle Behind The Stubby Cooler

Stubby insulators are neoprene holders that may or may not have bases sewn or glued onto the bottoms. Their name comes from a popular Australian beer that is sold in short, fat bottles. The coolers are typically made in bright colors and easily branded with company information. These kinds of foam insulators are used all over the world, and may be known by a variety of names that include beer sleeves, can coolers, cozies and stubby coolers.

Can Holders Make Advertising Easy

Businesses that want to get as much information on promotional items as possible often choose stubby coolers. They have a lot of surface area, so a lot of company information can be added. They are easily customized and some providers offer printing packages that create unique branding. Clients can choose any colors and logos they want. As a result, it is common to see the foam coolers with the names and colors of sports teams, events and corporations. They can be ordered in a range of sizes and even in various shapes, to represent products or themes.

Everyone Loves Their Beverage Coolers

Perhaps the most important reason that businesses give away stubby coolers is that customers love them. The number of beer drinkers is growing rapidly and most like their beverages chilled, so they are always looking for insulators. Stubby covers can also keep hot beverages warm. They make it simple for users to locate their own drinks in groups. The coolers are also something that most people do not buy, so getting them for free creates a positive company image. Since the holders last a long time, businesses can also be sure that their brands stay in front of customers and potential clients.

Small, colorful, neoprene beverage holders called stubby coolers are some of the most popular giveaways used in business. Companies use them for promotional advertising because the insulators are easy to brand and loved by their users.