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How to Select the Regulator for Your Scuba Diving Needs What determines the type and quality of scuba regulators you will need is the type of diving you will do. Diving in clear warm water only requires a low end scuba regulator. Deep diving, cold water diving, and cave diving, are just some of the diving types that requires a higher end model of scuba regulator with different features. Determining the type of diving you want to do now and what you also want in the future is important before purchasing your first scuba regulator. When you buy a scuba regulator, it should be one that you will use for years and this is why it is important to take into consideration the categories of diving that you want to get involved in. You also needs to determine your budget for your scuba regulator. How much can you or how willing are you to spend on a diving regulator? Typically, the more you spend, the higher the quality and the more features will it contain. Whatever you pay for, that it what you will get. Most scuba regulators today give you air at the recreation depth limit of a hundred and thirty feet. If a company sells regulators that don’t give you the right air at the depth limit then they will surely go out of business soon or they will be faced with lawsuits from their customers.
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When it comes to performance some regulators make you feel like you have to breathe harder, some breathe wet, while other give you more air than others, etc. This just means that each regulator has its own flaws but when you pay more for it, then you will have a better one that will have lesser issues.
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Probably the best way to go over this is to search for reviews in the internet. If you find a scuba regulator you are interested in then you should check out the online reviews on it. There are some thorough reviews done by high profile professionals out there. You can also ask around when you are out diving. Ask divers what regulators they use and how they rate their performance. And if you are renting scuba gear, this is the time you can check out the brand of the scuba regulator you are using if it performs well for you. Before you make a purchase it is important to really take your time to find the right scuba regulator for you even if it will take you some time to find it. Remember that scuba regulators are simple devices, and the method in which they reduce high pressure tank air to a prominent breathable pressure is essential. This is similar to the regulator that we attach from our propane tank and into our kitchen stove. Some regulators use a diaphragm or some are made from a piston type construction.