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Importance Of Urine Analysis Drug Tests Drug abuse has reached worrying levels in today’s world. It is vital to know the individuals who abuse drugs and on the other hand assist them to rehabilitate. Drug testing has been a good way of detecting drug abusers and the levels the abuse has elevated. Testing drugs in a victim help one to know the levels that the drugs have reached. There are various drug testing methods. Almost all of these tests make the use of body fluids like blood, urine, saliva among others. Urine the analysis uses urine samples to detect the levels of drug consumption in person. It a process of analyzing chemicals which are aimed to suspecting drug abuse in person using their urine as the sample. It is used to detect the most recent use of drug in a suspect. Urine analysis is cheap, reliable and accurate than other analysis. Urine analysis kits are becoming increasingly popular with the increased use of urine analysis. Urine analysis can detect several drugs examples being marijuana, cocaine, alcohol and others. The drugs are very popular in the world After a drug is taken by a user; the body absorbs after which the urine starts to excrete almost immediately. Detection of different drug in the urine is different, and it depends on the detection period of that particular drug. Alcohol takes 6-24 hours to be detected in the urine. Marijuana’s detection time ranges between 2-3 hours. For the habitual addicts and users it can take as long as 30 days. Cocaine’s detection time is up to 5 days.
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Another the advantage the urine analysis has other methods is that it can detect a combination of drugs using only one sample. Using the multi-panel kits which are populated in the market, it is possible to detect several drugs in one analysis. The multi-panel kits are less expensive, easy to use and safe. They have been tested and proved to provide the best and desired results. They provide results with the shortest time possible especially when using urine analysis.
Interesting Research on Health – What You Didn’t Know
The best thing about the urine analysis method of drug detection is that, it can be employed in different places like schools, work places and homes. This is due to the use of urine kits which are easy and quick to use. Employers use the kits for incoming employees in their organizations. This makes sure that only drug-free employees are employed in the institutions. The testing also helps in identifying the cause of under-performance, accidents and lateness in work. Schools have also used the urine analysis drug test method to detect the students who abuse drugs and help them. Urine analysis to test drug is necessary for homes schools and workplaces and cannot be ignored now that it has become easy and affordable.