4 Tips For First Time Managers

Whether you have been promoted to a managerial position or are entering a new company as a manager, there are a lot of skills you will need to develop in order to become effective. These are skills that may not have been covered in business school or may not have been required in a previous job. The following are some tips from experienced managers to guide people who are taking on that role for the first time.

Tip #1: Learn the business. It is the responsibility of the manager to know the ins and outs of all of the daily operations he or she is in charge of, and that can be a lot to learn. Spend time talking with senior staff members to learn the history of the company and why major decisions have been made. Putting in some study time at the front end will pay off in the long run as you establish yourself as a knowledgeable leader.

Tip #2: Get to know the employees you are responsible for. It’s a good idea to schedule and prioritize regular one-on-one meetings with key staff members in order to establish a strong and mutually supportive relationship with each one. A great manager listens more than he or she talks, looks for and nurtures the best in others, and helps employees develop their strengths.

Tip #3: Lead by example. A good manager sets the tone for overall workplace morale, and a positive tone does wonders for productivity. Show appreciation to others for their hard work and demonstrate the positive work ethic you want to see. Model how to handle challenges in a positive and productive way.

Tip #4: Give employees freedom to do their jobs. Micro-management puts a lot of stress on employees, and it is regularly cited as a reason for job dissatisfaction. A good manager knows how to delegate responsibilities and trust employees to fulfill them. A good manager also recognizes that employees need the freedom to make occasional mistakes in order to grow.

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